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Interested in Spending More And Getting Less? Don’t Finance Your Technology Needs! On the Other Hand…..

By Chris Waite




Technology Leasing & Financing is all about the ‘ economics’ of aquiring tech assets in key categories of hardware, software, consulting and maintenance. Tech financing got it’s start 50 years ago from original behemoths such as IBM, Xerox, etc.

Top experts tell us that today over 50% of all workers in North America are working in companies just like yours that are big users , or producers of technology producfts and services. ( Source : ‘The Emerging Digital Economy 11’)

Do Canadian business owners and financial managers really understand the differences between financing hardware and software versus other assets they might need in their business?
While conserving cash and choosing the right term or amortizaton are key elements in any lease tech leasing requires expertise and guidance in areas such as buy out options, renewals, upgrades, and early terminations.

While almost any asset can be financed it’s important to work with experts that offer specalized financing expertise in this area . That allows maximum buy and minimum spend, including, by the way your ability to add maintenance and consulting to your desired solution.

No one recognizeds the importance of cash flow than owners and managers in the SME sector in Canada. Growing a company while at the same time juggling supplier committments, receivables challenges, and sourcing external financing is a 24 hr Job # 1 . Tech Leasing is all about conserving capital and taking advantages of expertise in terms and structure. That’s the ‘ huge win’ that business owners are looking for.

If time is money nothing makes more sense than considering an online where financing needs can be approved in minutes Simple paperwork allows you to receive product and services quickly .

Vendors , resellers and software firms can grow sales and maximize cash flows by offering lease financing options to clients. Providing clients with the ability to extend payments , or even utilizing ‘ buy now – pay later’ creative financing is the final building block in the reseller / vendor product and service offering.

Rarely does a financing solution makes sense for both the seller and the buyer, but time invested with a trusted leasing advisor will guarantee a positive impact on the bottom line of any business selling or acquiring technology.

Written by Chris Waite

Chris Waite

I started my career leasing hardware and software to the automotive market and later moved onto technology financing. I also founded Catalyst Finance in 2005 to focus on leasing and financing in the Canadian SMB space. Over the years I have seen technology play a big role in the equipment leasing business. I developed Sprint Lease to provide business owners with quick and easy access to online equipment lease quotes.