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Meet Sprint Lease—The Instant Equipment Lease Quote Company!

By Chris Waite




Sprint LeaseWelcome to our first post on Sprint Lease; our new equipment lease company. Sprint Lease makes it easy for you to get instant equipment quotes for your business.

My business partner and I have had over 40 years of experience in the business and equipment financing industry. In that time, we set a high standard securing competitive financing options for small business owners through our company, Catalyst Finance.  You can read our “About Us” to learn more.

Why Did We Start Sprint Lease?

We launched Sprint Lease because we recognized a need in the leasing industry.

We know that many business owners need to make quick decisions about equipment financing. And applying for bank loans and lines of credit can take a long time. So we developed an online tool to make it easier for you to get instant quotes for your business needs.

Why Do Businesses Choose to Lease Equipment?

  • Low initial expenses
  • Flexible terms
  • Easier budgeting
  • Frees up capital
  • Conserves credit

Additional benefit: When you choose to lease you gain access to the latest technologies. And it’s easy to upgrade your equipment when a new product comes along.

How Sprint Lease Helps Your Businesses

We created Sprint Lease to make it easy for you to acquire the equipment your business needs now.  Simply enter the equipment cost into our online instant quote calculator and hit enter. You’ll receive 5 different term options with estimated monthly payments.

So whether you need office furniture for a start-up, or an excavator for your construction site, we can connect you to the leasing options that work for your budget.

Interested in leasing equipment for your business? See how simple it is with Sprint Lease.

Written by Chris Waite

Chris Waite

I started my career leasing hardware and software to the automotive market and later moved onto technology financing. I also founded Catalyst Finance in 2005 to focus on leasing and financing in the Canadian SMB space. Over the years I have seen technology play a big role in the equipment leasing business. I developed Sprint Lease to provide business owners with quick and easy access to online equipment lease quotes.